Rap Blog: Soduh knows he’s worth the wait

Soduh. Photo via the artist.


Rap Blog is a weekly showcase of a standout rap song.

Soduh frequently alludes to crocodilian reptiles across his discography, and his raps often sound like an apex predator gliding through swampy water, brash bars crawling through grimy instrumentals that shudder your subwoofers. This isn’t his only mode — check out September’s “MR. P3RF3CT” for a glimpse of the Baltimore rapper truly rapping his ass off — but it’s certainly one of his strongest. Soduh’s lower register brings gravitas to errant thoughts and threats alike; his gravelly rhymes often make for a wonderful foil to his fellow Marino Infantry members.

Today’s Green Spit EP compiles a handful of tracks recorded “almost four years ago,” around the same time as Enter the Infantry, Vol. 2. Why release them now? Soduh tells me over text he just “had to get all them songs out.” Despite the vintage, Green Spit avoids feeling dated thanks to its self-contained sonic palette, from the ephemeral synths of “Bygones” to the late-2000’s swagger of “Green Spit.”

My favorite of the bunch is “Orbitz,” where Soduh’s flows trudge over woody drums and a ripple of bass. “They keep sending naked pictures, I reply like, ‘how was your day?’” he shrugs. Later on: “I’m with me, myself, and I cuz half these n****s fold like cartons.” If it ever gets lonely at the top of the food chain, it doesn’t bother Soduh.