Cardi B Teases New Face Ink; Fans Predict What It Could Be

Cardi B adds to her collection of body tattoos by getting new face ink.

Cardi B

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In an Instagram story posted by Cardi B’s friend and hairstylist Luis Santana, the “WAP” rapper is shown in the process of getting red ink along her jawline. 

Afterward, tattoo artist Robison De Los Santos took to IG to post a selfie with Cardi B featuring the new tattoo. 

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Although it is unclear what the tattoo is, many fans believe Cardi B’s new ink is of her son’s name, Wave. 

These speculations stem from the New York rapper’s January tweet, saying, 

“Random but …. I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!”


Did Cardi B Get Her Son’s Wave Name Tatted On Her Face?

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Cardi B Says She’s Part Of The “Marketing Plan” In The Music Industry

It seems as though Cardi likes to express her thoughts on social media. 

She went on Twitter to accuse the industry of using her as a pawn.

The “Hot Shit” rapper tweeted:

“This week just prove what we been saying for years…..Im part of people marketing plan.I refuse to help if I don’t get pay”