Cardi B Gets Called A “Hypocrite” After Condemning Sexual Predators On Twitter

Cardi B recently took to Twitter to condemn sexual predators after the 14th Dalai Lama was seen kissing a young boy. Users on Twitter called her a “hypocrite,” causing her to respond to those who called her out.

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Rapper Cardi B released a response video to those who called her a “hypocrite” for condemning sexual predators after Buddhist religious leader Tenzin Gyatso, or the 14th Dalai Lama, was seen kissing a young boy in a resurfaced clip. 

Cardi B, who also spoke out about the war in Ukraine, lashed out at those who called her out for condemning sexual predators. 

“Robbing and raping is two different type of sh*ts, so dont f*cking call me no rapist or predator”, Cardi B said. “Don’t play with my name like that.”

Cardi Faces Harsh Backlash

Bardi is no stranger to fan backlash. In fact, in a Lip Service interview in July 2022, the Bronx rapper opened up about constantly getting dragged by fans on social media every time she speaks out about world topics.

In Cardi B’s original tweet she posted on April 10, she said, “This world is full of predators,” and many of her followers agreed. However, some users felt Bardi was not the right one to deliver the message.

One user called For Cardi B to be arrested and one user simply called her a predator for preying on older men. In one of the quoted tweets to Cardi B’s response video, one user posted a 2016 video of her saying that she used to drug and rob men. 

In the 2016 Instagram live video, the “Press” rapper told her viewers that she used drugs and robbed men during her stripper days. She also shared that at the time she had “limited options” to make money. 

One artist in the past who called out Cardi B for her claim of drugging and robbing men was New York artist Scott La Rock Jr. compared Cardi B to Bill Cosby, who was accused of drugging women throughout his career before being convicted in 2018. 

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