Playboi Carti Has Perfect Facial Expression For When His Album Drops

Rap star Playboi Carti knows the fans can’t wait for his new album. Despite ample teasing and keeping fans waiting, PC continues to playfully troll his loyal supporters with more hype surrounded a studio effort.

Playboi Carti Teases New Album

PC went to his Instagram page and shared a few shots of himself making wild facial expressions. Carti took things even further by suggesting his pics represented how fans will react when he eventually puts out his new LP.

“wh3n i dr0p . oMG” -Playboi Carti’s Instagram

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Playboi Carti teases new music.
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Playboi Carti’s Kanye West Collabo

Earlier this week, the Georgia native had the Internet’s full attention courtesy of some must-see and must-hear footage. The clip featured Carti turning up to a quick snippet of a track featuring rap star Kanye West‘s signature vocals.

“OK YE @kanyewest THANK @younglord .” -Playboi Carti’s Instagram

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“Playboi Carti has been working on music with Kanye West 🐐”

Playboi Carti’s Kanye West collabo.

Playboi Carti Keeps Teasing Big Things

Hours prior, Carti went to his Twitter page with some potential hype. Playboi appeared to plug the possible name of his new album.

“i told da bit shut up! My son crying … OUt of MY boDY ! WHOLE TAPE” -Playboi Carti’s Twitter

New Album’s Coming

Initially, Carti went to his Instagram page with a set of new pics. Despite starring in a few of them, the biggest takeaway is his first which shows recording equipment in a room and the promise of a new album being turned in.

“<3 . Album.TuRneD iN .” -Playboi Carti’s Instagram