Busta Rhymes + Mariah Carey Pick Up Where They Left Off

Hip-hop veteran Busta Rhymes and R&B diva Mariah Carey formed an unforgettable collaboration in 2003 with “I Know What You Want.” The dynamic duo is back, 18 years later, with a sequel to that song called “Where I Belong.”

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Busta Rhymes + Mariah Carey Make Magic One More Time

The song “Where I Belong” is on Busta Rhymes’ Extinction Level Event 2 album, which dropped in Oct. 2020. The video was just released on Facebook Watch, with graphic novel inspirations and continuing the story from “I Know What You Want.”

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Flashback: ‘I Know What You Want’

Back in 2003, Busta and Mariah made “I Know What You Want” for the NY rapper’s It Ain’t Safe No More album. The song peaked at No. 3 on Billboard, and the video was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award.

“I Know What You Want” by Busta Rhymes (feat. Mariah Carey)

Busta Reveals His Creative Process W/ Eminem

During a recent interview Busta explained the process of making a song with legendary hip-hop artist Eminem and what it transpired into. He revealed that the pair would send verses back and forth, each adding more and more to the song. He said it just turned into a rap battle essentially, with each of the two icons seeing who could write more bars.

“If you want a clear display of what the fundamentals of hip-hop is and the art of emceeing, [“Calm Down”] is the case study. I sent the record to Eminem with 16 bar verse. He sent it back with like 40 bar verse. I’m like ‘what the fuck is going on. You are not gonna do this to me on my song.’ I sent back my verse with 45 bars. He sends it back 56 bars. I sent mine back 62 bars. He sends back 66 bars. I’m like, look bro, who we making this record for at this point? Are we making this record for the consumer or we are just battling each other now?”

Thoughts On Today’s Rap Game

In an interview with NPR, Busta Rhymes talked about how he crafted ELE 2 with more in mind than just getting a few hot singles. He wanted to create a complete album.

“That’s what I come from. That’s what I miss. And I think that’s something that this generation needs to experience in the right way now: the experience and the importance of understanding what it is to treat yourself to a incredible, cohesive body of work.” (NPR)