Brent Faiyaz Turns Down $50M Record Deal + Initiates New Partnership & Tour

Rising independent artist Brent Faiyaz boldly turned down a $50 million record deal with an undisclosed label. Instead, Faiyaz initiated a new partnership with UnitedMasters and started a creative agency to retain control over his masters and pursue his independent endeavors. The Wasteland artist also announced his upcoming tour.

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Despite the tempting record deal, Brent Faiyaz, who recently dropped his sophomore album Wasteland in 2022 has announced he is partnering with UnitedMasters and starting a new creative agency. The new partnership promises to further amplify Faiyaz’s creative vision and support his entrepreneurial ambitions.

To celebrate the partnership, Faiyaz announced his worldwide headline tour, “F*ck The World, It’s a Wasteland,” which kicks off on July 16 in Washington, DC, and ends on November 19 in Paris, FR. The tour will stop in major markets worldwide, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, London, Milan, and Berlin. Tickets for the tour will go on sale Friday, May 5.

UnitedMasters CEO and Founder Steve Stoute expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, 

“Brent Faiyaz is one of the most prolific independent artists today, and we are extremely excited to embark on this new partnership with him. It’s been inspiring to watch his journey as an artist over the years, and with this partnership, we look to further amplify his creative vision and support his entrepreneurial ambitions.”

The rising independent artist has been taking over as he recently debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. It’s clear Brent Faiyaz is on the right path to dominating the hip-hop industry. 

Brent Faiyaz’s decision to turn down a record deal and retain control over his masters may be a step towards taking a page out of John Legend’s book. Legend made headlines in September 2021 when he sold the rights to every song he made between 2004 and 2021 to KKR & Co. and BMG.