Boosie Reacts To R. Kelly’s 30-Year Sentence

R&B superstar R. Kelly was sentenced for his sexual assault conviction on Wednesday, and many people in the country and entertainment industry shared their thoughts. Always polarizing and controversial, Louisiana rapper Boosie gave his take on the 30-year sentence.

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Boosie took to his Instagram page to share how he felt about R. Kelly receiving a 30-year prison sentence.  

In the video, the Louisiana-born rapper appears to be on a boat jamming to R. Kelly’s “When A Woman Loves” playing in the background. 

Boosie offers his full-throated support behind Kelly, shouting, “They gave my boy R. Kelly 30 man.”  

Boosie calls Kelly “the truth” and acknowledges the embattled singer for his talents despite the sentencing.  

As Boosie continues to sing the lyrics to the song, he shouts defiantly  “they can’t take this away from him,” vowing to be a fan for life regardless of calls to cancel Kelly’s music.

R. Kelly’s Sentencing

On Wednesday, R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for one count of sex trafficking and eight racketeering charges. Kelly was found guilty in September of these charges.

The jury for his case included seven men and five women with 50 witnesses taking the stand at his previous hearing.  Prosecutors requested the judge give him a sentence of no more than 25 years, while his lawyer asked for a sentence of no more than ten years. 

Kelly will also await his child pornography and obstruction of justice case in Chicago, starting on August 1, 2022.