Big Sean Names 2 Things He Wanted To Be Growing Up: “Crazy How Life Works”

Detroit rapper Big Sean is really living the dream. The hip-hop superstar goes to his social media pages to reflect on landing the creative director of innovation position with his hometown Pistons.

Big Sean Names 2 Things He Wanted To Be

Sean Don went to his Instagram page to geek out over his new gig. B.I. even admitted to growing up wanting to either become a rap star or ball for the Pistons.

“Unreal! I’m the CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF THE @detroitpistons! “Creative Director of Inovation”! I got a office in the facility n everything (looking for a intern by the way)! Growing up I knew I either wanted to rap or hoop for the Pistons lol. crazy how life works. I look forward to creatively adding what I can to this iconic franchise! 🌎🤟🏾🥺🌹💎”

“This a big Boss up fareal! Thank you! I was in the nosebleeds for the championship they won in 04! I had a grant Hill posted in my room growing up! N the Bad Boys gave the city a identity and face along with back to back championships! This is nuts man”

“Let’s Gooooooo” -Detroit Pistons

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Big Sean names 2 things he wanted to become as a kid.

Big Sean Joins Detroit Pistons

According to reports, Sean Don is now way more than a diehard fan of the Pistons. B.I. even reflected on previously begging for his hometown team to get him a j-o-b.

Both Sean and the Detroit Pistons announced Tuesday that the six-time Grammy nominee is his hometown team’s newly minted creative director of innovation. In the role, Sean, 32, will help guide the franchise’s cultural aesthetics both on and off the court from merchandise design to in-game experiences to community involvement.

“It was really something I threw out in the universe one day,” Sean said. “I mentioned it, like, man, ‘They need to give me a job!’ Talking about the Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers or Lions. I’m a huge Detroit fan. I’m ride or die with it … I’ve always said that, but especially with the Pistons. It’s crazy that it happened like this. I’m just truly grateful.” (The Undefeated)

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Big Sean joins Detroit Pistons.

Big Sean Acknowledges Hip-Hop + Sports Connection

The rap heavyweight even acknowledged the close-knit bond between hip-hop stars and sports. Notably, music heavyweights like Drake, Wale and JAY-Z have past and present business ties to their hometown NBA teams with the Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets.

“Sports and music goes so hand in hand because a lot of us wanted to be athletes. And a lot of athletes wanted to be rappers or musicians. I feel like that’s such a common respect between the two, but both are very rare jobs, right? With very rare experiences. But you seen Kobe rapping, you’ve seen Shaq rapping, Allen Iverson, you see athletes rapping and entertainers playing basketball — you know, really, really trying to play. They’re synonymous. They go together hand in hand, so it’s easy to mix the two and it’s very natural. We’re in a studio watching their games and they’re in the locker room listening to our music.” (The Undefeated)

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In October 2019, rap star Drake – widely known for his duties as the Raptors global ambassador – showed off his team’s iced-out championship rings following a NBA Finals series win against the previous defending champion Golden State Warriors.