Prayers For Isaiah Rashad After Sex Tape Leaks, Outing Him As Gay

The music community is sending their love to Isaiah Rashad. A sex tape featuring the rapper was leaked online without his consent, subsequently outing him as homosexual before family, fans and the world.

Isaiah Rashad

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Isaiah Rashad Sex Tape Leaks And Outs Rapper As Gay

Hours after sex tape leaks by Lil Fizz and Nelly have been all over the net, the details of Isaiah Rashad’s private life are being exposed too.

On February 9th, the TDE rapper’s name started trending on Twitter only for fans to find him as the subject of a more than a minute long sextape.

The footage includes Rashad giving and receiving fellatio with two individuals, and to the surprise of many, his sexual partners were men. 

Prior to this tape, Rashad had not openly declared himself as homosexual, making the video even more devastating to the Tennessee rapper.  The outing may have severe career consequences as the hip-hop music industry remains generally intolerant of the lifestyle. 

Openly gay artists like Lil Nas X, though successful, still face enormous hate from within the community and from fellow artists like Boosie Badazz and Da Baby.

Many supporters have come to Rashad’s rescue, reassuring him of their love and support no matter what.  Duke Deuce, a rapper who was featured on Isaiah Rashad’s 2021 acclaimed album “The House Is Burning” tweeted 

“Another man’s preference ain’t got shit to do with me nor anyone else. Isaiah Rashad you a great mf artist keep your head up brother. CRUNKSTARZ dgaf what others think of them.”

Many are also reaching out because Rashad has a history of depression and substance abuse, and regularly details his journey through these in his music. He once opened up on a podcast in 2016 that he almost got dropped from TDE for Xanax and alcohol addiction. 

The news of him being publicly outed – before his family, friends and the world – could trigger a strong emotional relapse for the rapper.

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Nelly is trending after the Hot in Here rapper allegedly posted a video of him getting his head topped off by an unidentified woman.

Not too long after Nelly’s video, former B2K band member, Lil Fizz, was exposed on social media for a video from his OF account. The video showed Fizz having some “alone time.”

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The tweet violated Twitter’s rules and policies and was immediately deleted.  The tweet caused a huge uproar on social media. Many came to Lil Nas X’s defense, stating the tweet was egregious and disgusting.