50 Cent Sued for $1 Billion Dollars By Former Drug Kingpin

Hip-hop icon and creator of the hit “Power” series, 50 Cent, is being sued, alongside fellow executive producer of the series, Courtney Kemp, for $1 billion dollars. The man suing them, Corey “Ghost” Holland, alleges that the concept for the STARZ series “Power” is based on his actual life.

50 Cent

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Former Kingpin Claims 50 Cent Is Bullying Him

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson, is also being accused of bullying the former drug kingpin, leading him to file a hefty lawsuit in April 2021. Holland has told the court that 50 Cent and his associates have been making threats on his life and throwing subliminal shots. Holland recently filed a document with the court asking them to “legally protect his interests and his family and his legal justification if violence becomes necessary to protect him or his family.”

50’s legal team responded to the original lawsuit in August, stating his lawsuit is an attempt to cash in on Power and its spinoffs’ success. The rapper’s new spinoff show, “Raising Kaanan” premiered on STARZ to much success. Another spinoff, “BMF” premiered on September 6th.

This is not the first time Curtis Jackson has been targeted for the controversial Power series.