After Slim 400 Shooting YG Says He & The Crew Will ” Stay Dangerous”

The Compton rapper YG and a good friend of Slim 400 was seen leaving LAX airport Monday, where he spoke to TMZ giving an update of his friend after being gunned down Friday night. The rapper has not seen him yet since he was out of town, but YG also mentioned “Guys from ‘400’ crew don’t go down easily.” He also explains what he and his team and friends will do for now as for protecting themselves will “Stay dangerous.” Sounds like a warning.

We were told Slim 400 took 9 bullets to his body and face it’s a miracle he’s expected to make a full recovery and being able to walk again. Slim is still critical but is in stable conditions as he stays in the hospital recovering after being gunned down Friday night June 28th in Compton. Apparently the doctors found out he was actually shot 9 times, as opposed to 8 which they had thought before. This is where he was hit his lower and upper back (multiple areas), and the top of his head, which caused some internal bleeding which was taken care of in surgery and his face (jaw area, specifically) leaving his jaw wired shut. The rapper still heavily sedated at the moment, but is expected to make out alright.

YG has a song with Slim 400 & Sad boy loko called “Bruisin” which came out in 2016.