50 Cent Proves He Was Ripped At 15 Years Old

New York rapper 50 Cent is taking people way back in the day. The hip-hop veteran has hit pause on TV show and movie-making to share an epic look at his teenage days.

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50 Cent Proves He Was A Ripped Teen

Fifty hit up Instagram with the crazy vintage pic. The 45-year-old acknowledges being only 15 in the pic and reflects on learning from his teen mistakes.

“?yo i was 15 in this picture on the South Side you have to grow up faster. I made a lot of mistakes I was already in juvie, I remember my Nana coming to see me,she is my angel ? she love me unconditionally.”

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50 Cent proves he was a ripped teen.

50 Cent Turns Into Teenage Kanan

This week, Fifty went to his Instagram page with some must-see “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” throwback footage. The clip featured Fifty as his Kanan Stark character before transforming into his younger teenage version. 50 also promised the latest edition of “Power” will change TV.

“July,18 Raising kanan this is gonna change ?it’s so good OMG ?‍♂️ it’s crazy. ?Green Light Gang #bransoncongac #lecheminduroi #bottlerover”

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50 Cent turns into teenage Kanan Stark.

Along with his own series, Fifty has also worked heavily on the upcoming “Power Book IV: Force” show.

“Im on set of FORCE A.K.A The Tommy show it’s lit ?POWER BOOK IV?Green light Gang”

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50 Cent Takes On The Cyntoia Brown Case

Outside of “Power” talk, Fifty is gearing up for some serious Hollywood productions. The Case of Cyntoia Brown has been green-lit by STARZ, and 50 Cent will team with former “Power” actress La La Anthony to executive produce.

Cyntoia Brown was just 16 years old when she was sentenced to life in prison for murder. The teenager had been sex trafficked, and claimed the man she killed was trying to assault her. She was released from prison in 2019 after her sentence was commuted.

“I keep telling people roll with me. i’m not gonna lose @lala figured this shit out years ago. ?here we go with another #1 ?Green light Gang”

Starring Role In New Movie

Curtis Jackson is adding more to his IMDB bio. He’s been brought on to star in and executive-produce Free Agents, a heist thriller movie for Lionsgate. Free Agents will be directed by Deon Taylor, who also co-wrote the script. 50 Cent will portray a pro football player who conspires with his teammates to steal the team from a group of exploitative owners.

“@50cent We are about to do something beyond special brother …. DEON AND 50 WOW??? -when God puts it in motion ….Nothing can stop it! Grateful for the moment !! Will take full advantage of it !! THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST HEIST THRILLER OF THE YEAR‼️‼️ ENERGY UNMATCHED‼️‼️”