50 Cent Completely Destroys Floyd Mayweather W/ Jokes

New York rapper 50 Cent is just ruthless when it comes to the jokes-jokes. The hip-hop star has come forward to flame broil his former longtime friend Floyd Mayweather following a Jake Paul run-in.

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50 Cent Completely Destroys Floyd Mayweather

Fifty went to his Instagram page with some pure digital savagery. 50 shared a snapshot of Mayweather after now-infamously getting his hat taken from him by Paul during a viral interaction.

“?WTF going on, on champ head ?I heard he had his pubic hairs put on his face. Lol #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

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50 Cent completely destroys Floyd Mayweather.

Jake Paul Attacks Floyd Mayweather – Kinda

The drama all went down Thursday during a promotion tour for both Floyd and his upcoming boxing opponent Logan Paul. Things turned dicey when Logan’s brother Jake decided to physically attack Mayweather.

Things really kicked off shortly after Mayweather’s scrum with reporters when Jake Paul, the brother of Mayweather’s opponent, decided to come up to the retired boxer and start taunting him. There was the typical back-and-forth jawing one might expect with the two, but then the younger Paul brother decided to go a step further with a childish “I got your hat,” maneuver, and steal Mayweather’s hat. (CBS Sports)

Jake Gets ‘Gotcha Hat’ Tattoo

Logan’s brother has remained on an Instagram tear since the drama went down. Jake even went as far as getting a “Gotcha Hat” tattoo on his leg.


The Big Fight

Barring any setbacks, Floyd and Logan will legally and professionally settle their issues in the coming weeks. The duo are slated to fight in a pay-per-view event on June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida.

In the 26-year-old Paul, Mayweather will face a star created on the internet. Followed by more than 20 million on YouTube, Paul began boxing in 2019 with a six-round bout against fellow YouTube star KSI. A former high school wrestler, Paul will have a 6-inch height advantage over Mayweather, but obviously gives away plenty in ring experience and mastery. (Evening Standard)