21 Savage Calls Nas Irrelevant?

In a recent discussion on the Clubhouse app, 21 Savage shocked fans by saying Nas “isn’t relevant.”

21 Savage

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Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, who recently dropped Her Loss along with Drake, was in conversation on the Clubhouse app and said that rap legend Nas “isn’t relevant.”

During the conversation, the panel talked about the importance of longevity in hip-hop and whether or not older rappers have a place today. 21 Savage later gave his take on Nas:

 “Nas isn’t relevant. He has a strong core fan base,” 21 Savage said. 

Queens rap legend Nas just released his album Kings Disease 3. Fans on Twitter were quick to defend Nas. 

One fan said they felt it was “crazy” for 21 to call Nas irrelevant, especially after he won a Grammy for “Best Rap Album” just last year.

Others defended 21 Savage’s statements by saying that many younger rap fans aren’t aware of Nas or “checking for him” to release new music. 

Aside from dropping Kings Disease 3, Nas has executively produced a documentary, directed a  docuseries, and went on tour with Wu-Tang Clan this year.

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