King Of Trap Matuê Lights It Up With “Quer Voar”

Matuê is out with a radiant new song “Quer Voar” that has surpassed 90 million streams already. A crowd-pleaser, Matuê exposes his talent in full, rapping and singing beautifully to the light beats. The music video for “Quer Voar” shows the artist in underground urban settings where seemingly normal people are working on car repairs. The next thing you know they are gathered around a bonfire as vampires and are fighting one to one with others cheering.  

Matuê is a singular artist at the top of his game in trap music. Every one of his songs has crossed the threshold of one million streams at the very least, not to mention top performing hits like “M4” and “777-666” with over 200 million streams combined. 

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