Phil Johnson Criticizes Police Brutality On His Latest Release Titled ”Blue Code Of Silence” FT Phil (Tre) 111

As you can guess from the title, “Blue Code of Silence” by Phil Johnson covers the subject of the police’s blue code of silence. Blue code of silence is not just a beautiful phrase but it is an ugly and harsh truth we face when the corrupt culture of police officers lying or turning a blind eye to criminal actions by their peers results in the victimization of the black community by the people who are being paid to protect and serve their citizens.

This protest anthem is another sonic proof by another black community representative who, through his music, tries to deliver a message about something that should not be tolerated anymore in the 21st Century. This song is designed to direct all the pain and trauma caused by the ongoing slaughter of black people towards the ones who are still silent about racial injustice.

Check out the music video for this powerful song and don’t be silent!