Nipsey Hussle Life In Danger Days Before Murdered

Nipsey Hussle already knew that there was someone out to kill him days before being murdered in front of his own clothing store in California. His workers were even warned and took the proper measures to protect him. Nipsey was filming a music video on Thursday with Dj Khaled and John Legend for an upcoming song called “Higher”. The video was being recorded where Hussle was raised at Inglewood. Sources that were on set stated, “There was great concern over Nipsey’s safety during the shoot.”

They closed the whole area and made sure the employees were the only people who had access on set. What is more shocking is that they even hired 10 armed police officers because of the concerns over everyone’s safety. It’s not being said why exactly they were nervous someone would try and creep up on him.

Few days later Nipsey Hussle is shot multiple times in front of his store and killed moments before that happened he tweeted, “Having strong enemies is a blessing.” Police now have a suspect wanted by the name Eric Holder for the deadly shooting. LA police is asking for the public’s help in possibly identifying the shooter or finding more information about the incident.