Doja Cat, Janet Jackson & Erykah Badu Dominate Paris Fashion Week

The girls have been serving fashion week looks all up and through the streets and red carpets of Paris. Find out how Doja Cat, Erykah Badu, and Janet Jackson served some of SOHH’s favorite looks throughout Paris Fashion Week.

Janet Jackson x Zendaya x Paris Fashion Week

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Janet Jackson In Thom Browne 

The multi-talented singer and actress Janet Jackson stepped up and out in Paris wearing a dark gray Thom Browne suit from the 2023 spring collection. 

The look featured a long blazer resembling an overcoat with one complete and partial sleeve, a white oversized button shirt and tie, and a kilt-inspired suit dress paired with the dress. 

The chic fit was an androgynous play on Jackson’s feminine and masculine energies. 

Her hair was styled in a high Japanese style bun, with bangs and box braids that stuck out the bun, to complete the look. 

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Janet also got dressed, jamming to Megan The Stallion’s “Her”, in a sporty and futuristic Louis Vuitton ensemble which she posted on Instagram. 

This is not the first time that JJ has hit up a “Hot Girl” challenge. 

Janet’s look included a metallic overcoat, a Louis Vuitton cross-body bag,  her iconic two ponytails with perfectly crafted baby hairs, and Louis Vitton combat boots with chains resembling sneakers. 

Erykah Badu In Thom Browne 

Badu is also a “Hot Girl.” Fans can probably recall her twerk on stage with Megan Thee Stallion. 

Miss Badu also brought the funk in a Thom Browne display that mixed her creative bohemian style. The style featured the distinctive giant hat the icon is known for wearing. 

She also wore a long patterned skirt and tweed-like black and oversized white blazer. 

The “Cleva” artist accessorized with long gold rings which covered four of her fingers. 

Doja Cat In Thom Browne And Monot 

Doja donned a Thom Browne look from his 2023 spring collection and it was giving. Doja’s platinum blonde hair was buzz cut, and she rocked striped red-, white-, and blue-painted lower lip makeup that extended to her chin. 

In addition, the “Get Into It” artist played with her look which featured a striped body-hugging gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a striped choker to match. 

Doja Cat has been very experimental and playful this season, also wearing geisha-inspired blue and white makeup, with red lips. 

Her Monot-designed black cutout dress gently hugged her curves, which she paired with painted black gloves. 

Her hair was dark and bone straight touching her lower back with a center part. 

The top-earning artist has not held back on any of her red carpet looks thus far. The fashion killer is also set to debut a fashion line soon. 

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