MoneyBagg Yo inks new deal with Roc Nation; New Album Release “Time Served”

Streets is talking and it sounds like Moneybagg Yo is winning. It has been confirmed that Moneybagg Yo is officially a Roc Nation roster artist.

The rapper recently tagged @RocNation on his post:

“I Feel This Is One Of My Best Projects Eva !! Shoutout To @cmgthelabel @nless_ent @rocnation Family 2020 We Goin All DA Way !! ? for “#TimeServed” 1/10/20″

Roc Nation confirmed on the label’s IG:

“Join us as we welcome @moneybaggyo to the Roc Nation family… His new album #TimeServed releases this Friday! #RocFam?“

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Join us as we welcome @moneybaggyo to the Roc Nation family… His new album #TimeServed releases this Friday! #RocFam?

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At 24hourhiphop we like to report on the positive topics and winning – this is one of those topics. Congratulations to Moneybagg Yo and his team