Mally Mall Detained For Alleged Exotic Animals & Human Trafficking

Mally Mall states he was never arrested or taken into custody. He states just being detained inside his home while the LAPD and Fish life & wildlife searched his property. Police mentioned the search warrant was for exotic animal possession and human trafficking. Mall and his Attorney say the accusations are bogus.

Steve Shadow his lawyer made a statement, ” If they had real evidence they would have arrested him. They don’t have evidence. Its bogus. Period.”

The Captain on scene says a serval cat was seized and a cotton top Tamarin monkey. The investigation started about 8-9 months ago.

Mally has been in trouble with exotic animals in the past. He once brought a monkey to ace of diamonds strip club and the health department decided to start an investigation. One time Mall even gifted Justin Bieber an ocelot and a monkey. There are allegations that he was contributing to an escort service in Nevada.