Get Ready for Some Goosebumps with Carey Renee’s New Hit Single “House Is Burning”

With vocals that fly high, lyrics that sting, and music that burns, Carey Renee is just introducing herself to the world on the right foot. Her debut single titled “House Is Burning” has left us all in awe and wonderment of this up-and-coming artist’s capabilities.

Her musical background features years of violin and piano, not to mention the choir, so it has come to no surprise that the artist is capable of producing such a number. The singer is paving her way to the top, and this song will help her skyrocket up there.

The song and music video maintain a subtle level of intensity that perfectly highlights her raw energy and vibes. Her spine-chilling vocals flawlessly incorporate the dramatic melodies as the track intensifies to a gripping sense of reality.

The candid ballad has soon become a staple across many playlists. The chorus “this house is burning” will give you chills as Renee haunts your mind and soul with her vocals. The track was also completed with a hit music video that utterly balances out her natural aura energy.