Drake Gets Booed Off Stage While Replacing Frank Ocean

Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Dodger Stadium, seems like Drake struck out after getting booed off stage during the Camp Flog Gnaw festival. It appears the crowd was upset at the fact that they expected Frank Ocean as the surprise headliner instead. Several clips has shown Drake expressing to the crowd that he’d like to continue performing for them, but instead received chants of “we want Frank” in return.

It seems like Drake heard them loud and clear. Drake then thanked the attendees of the festival for their time and exited his way off stage, cutting his set short. As for the answer on why this happened to one of the biggest music acts in the world right now, might have something to do with the type of music these ticket holders are into. Drake is as mainstream as it can get, But the crowd goers seem more indie, and Frank Ocean happens to be the king of that entire Genre at the moment.