Damon Fletcher and The Crushboys’ “Hustle With A Purpose” is The Mix We Weren’t Prepared For

It seems like doing something no one else has the guts to do is something that comes naturally for Damon Fletcher and The Crushboys. If you are wondering why, just check their latest collaboration, “Hustle With A Purpose.” While using catchy tunes and swag hip-hop beats along with groovy sound, the artists manage to create an atmospheric vibe for the song. It is fun yet filled with deep meanings and messages. The music video of the song couldn’t be more corresponding to both the music and the lyrics. The innovative approach to the explosive visuals perfectly matches the hypnotically tribal vocals and sophisticated chemistry of the blending of sounds. The track is an incredible innovation in the hip-hop genre, and the music video for it is as mind blowing as it is simple. 

The visuals reveal the multiple talents of the artists with full force. “Hustle With A Purpose” spreads positivity and encourages the viewer to stay motivated no matter what. Damon and the Crunchboys want you to see the light of life and how fun living actually is. They manifest life, hard work and fun, and they do not separate them from one another. You have to work hard to deserve the fun, and when you finally enjoy it, life is beautiful. The artists want you to hope for the future and move towards it with no hesitation believing that everything will be perfect. The music video will fill your life with positivity; the lyrics’ strong message will get into your brain with atmospheric sounds and stay there forever.