TM88 Explains Why He Doesn’t Smoke Backwoods On “How To Roll”

TM88 joins us virtually for the latest episode of How To Roll, explaining his smoking pet peeves and more.
TM88 is one of the most celebrated producers in the game, having worked with some of the biggest rappers in the world. Before he gets in the studio though, he needs to make sure his mind is in the right place and, often, a little weed (okay… a lot) will get him to where he needs to be. Revealing that he goes through fifteen to twenty blunts on any given day, TM88 is always smoking. Despite the fact that he usually never goes without his flower, he admits that he’s not the greatest at rolling. However, he’s good enough and decided to show off his personal technique with the world.
Everybody has a different method of rolling up. Some prefer using papers, like Wiz Khalifa. Others, like Jim Jones and the majority of the rap game, head straight for the Backwoods. TM88 is different in the sense that he actually prefers Grabba Leaf to roll up.
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
In the new episode of How To Roll, filmed virtually because of the pandemic, the super-producer shows off his way of getting the blunt ready to burn. Showing tons of personality along the way and telling us his favorite weed stories, including the ridiculousness that was his first time ever getting high, he completes the task and goes along with the rest of his day.
Watch the new episode of How To Roll up above and be sure to check out TM88’s new single “War Stories” with Calboy and Slatt Zy.