KingAudi Unveils Brand New Joint Titled “2 AM” (Official Music Video)

KingAudi recently unveiled his latest joint and official music video, “2 AM,” a song he wrote about the feeling he gets when cruising around his hometown of San Diego around that time of the night. The skilled emcee is displaying some fierce skills, both through his songwriting and performance. His flow is special and unique, and even the most skeptical of Hip-Hop fans would agree that this artist will go far in the game. 

In 2020 he debuted his career with the release of the song “DaygoSuperstar,” followed-up by “Save Her,” “Pope,” and “2 AM.” Whatever song he creates, his energy is overflowing and his style distinct. Make sure to get familiar with this rising talent who is about to make some waves in the rap scene and beyond. 

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