Blueface “Vibes” Video

Blueface used the footage he captured of thong-bikini-clad girls brawling at his house in the music video for his song, “Vibes.”
With the debut of the official music video for his song, “Vibes,” Blueface continues to prove that he has no shame. The novelty rapper dropped the visuals for the track off his debut album, Find The Beat, on Friday, after documenting all the chaos that occurred while they were shooting at his house last weekend. Blueface posted a ton of clips on his IG story last Saturday night of a heated catfight that broke out while they were in the middle of filming the music video, and the footage proceeded to go viral. Blueface and his squad of video vixens were criticized for failing to follow social distancing rules, and things got even more tense when the only woman present who refused to engage in the violence exposed one of her co-stars for spewing racist nonsense and calling her “thirsty.”
Another man might have left it in the vault, but Blueface decided to include this priceless footage in the final product. The music video opens with the original main title theme from the confrontation-filled reality show, Bad Girls Club, with text reading: “The Bad Girls Club: Blueface Edition.” The first half of the visuals are comprised of fairly run-of-the-mill footage: up-close shots of the half-naked girls, decked out in blue masks and bikinis, twerking and playing duck-duck-goose with Blueface. It isn’t until around the 1:15 mark that the ladies begin to throw hands. Blueface even included the security footage of the one peace-keeping girl getting her wig snatched off by her aforementioned racist co-star.
Blueface posted a sneak peek of the music video on Instagram, announcing that the whole fight is available to watch on pay per view.