42 Dugg “Big 4’s” Video

Detroit’s own 42 Dugg puts his legal drama on the back burner to release a new music video for his “Young & Turnt 2” deluxe edition track “Big 4’s,” featuring a cameo from Yo Gotti.
Despite the recent legal drama in his life following getting arrested last week, Detroit rapper 42 Dugg is making sure fans of his music are staying satisfied by dropping a music video for his Young & Turnt 2 deluxe edition track “Big 4’s.”
Image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images
Featuring the big homie Yo Gotti for a quick cameo, the visual for “Big 4’s” features the usual — cars, cash and cheeks, galore! — but it’s the message he sends out by releasing this amidst personal drama that stands out the most. When an artist goes through legal woes it can be very distracting on the career, so to see the 25-year-old burgeoning emcee maintaining is impressive to say the least. Dugg was arrested last week Monday for fleeing police two months prior during a traffic stop. He was charged on a third-degree felony for fleeing the police officer, but has since been released on $200,000 bond and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet while he prepares for a court date this week. We’re keeping our prayers with Dugg and his entire team as they figure all this out.
Watch the music video for “Big 4’s” by 42 Dugg above, and listen to the deluxe version of Young & Turnt 2 right now on all streaming platforms.