Watch Nelly’s Nephew Lil Shxwn And The Wicker Twinz’ All Star Collaboration On “Do What I Want”

American Hip-Hop artist Lil Shxwn has teamed up with the Wicker Twinz on the fiery track, “Do What I Want.” Nelly’s nephew unveils an all-star collaboration that gave birth to both a hit track and a music video. No negativity or drama on “Do What I Want” a positive vibe only kind-of-track. Everyone will enjoy watching the friends in real life having fun at school, driving luxury cars or chilling together. Lil Shxwn recently released another super cool track, “Time Lost,” a more serious and meaningful song, showing his versatility and skills no matter the mood he tackles. Produced by Young Shun, the excellent beat and Lil Shxwn equally great performance supported by the valuable input by The Wicker Twinz give this track all the necessary ingredients to cut through the noise and become a classic one among younger crowds.