Sada Baby Has A Zoo’s Worth Of Animal-Themed Weed On “Essentials”

While everybody has been coping with quarantine in their own way, Sada Baby has turned to weed for the remedy.
It’s not easy to cope with the quarantine blues, and many have found themselves grappling with an unexpected threat: cabin-fever induced loss of sanity. Yet Detroit rapper Sada Baby has found an answer that works for him, as he reveals during this “quarantine edition” of our Essentials series. Seeing as we can’t exactly connect with rappers face-to-face, Sada Baby sent in some self-taped video providing a run-down on his coping mechanisms, which to nobody’s surprise include an abundance of weed.
“It’s pretty simple, simple as hell,” muses Sada. “We got Supreme Shark we smoking on. Just smoking weed, minding my business. Turtle Pie. Some of this right here, Garfuel. Some more Turtle Pie. I’m using backwoods, that’s all I’m smoking. And then, you feel me, we snacked up shawty.” He proceeds to pan the camera to an absolutely stacked pantry, featuring more noodle packs than an elementary school circa 2001. In truth, deciphering the contents would require a truly thorough gaze, a challenge that would stump even the record-breaking Where’s Waldo enthusiasts.
Check out the short and sweet quarantine edition of Essentials now, and show some love to Sada Baby and his veritable zoo’s worth of animal-themed weed.