Who Is Bobby Fishscale?

Here’s a strange name that you need to know: Bobby Fishscale. SOHH.com asked the Florida rapper to tell us who he is and share his journey from prisoner — to landing the deal of a lifetime with Jay-Z‘s RocNation and dropping a hot new single with Quavo Huncho.

Bobby Fishscale

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How Did Bobby Come Up?

Fishscale was no stranger to music growing up, with his father being a popular local DJ for several clubs in Florida, which ignited his own interest in music. He spent most of his childhood growing up in the projects, and through all the challenges and obstacles, music continued to provide a unique outlet for Bobby to tell his story. Eventually, his strong drive and hunger for success helped him see that it was time to take his music seriously.  

“I came up off trap music. You know I had a couple of run-ins with the law. But I stayed focused. One time I was released and an owner of a seafood restaurant would let me work double so shoutout to him we still tapped in now.”

How Did Bobby Get With Roc Nation?

In this exclusive interview with SOHH, Bobby was asked about his relationship with powerhouse label, Roc-Nation. Back in 2019, Bobby made waves with his track “Hov Flow,” that sampled JAY-Z and Eminem’s “Renegade” beat, which made the culture do a double-take. His debut mixtape – Big Fish – released that year – ended up stirring a bidding war amongst record labels that culminated in his eventual signing to Roc Nation.  

“You know I had a couple of labels on the line but RocNation is the biggest. My relationship with them throughout the time I’ve been signed going on 2 years it’s been great. Nothing but learning and great advice. But it’s also like AP Calculus — when they say they want it they want it. You know you get out what you put in.”

Bobby Gives Back

Never forgetting his humble beginnings and the fishman that gave him a job after prison, Bobby Fishscale recently hosted a community fish fry for the people who looked out for him while he was struggling.

Bobby went back to his former job at “The Island” in Tallahassee, Florida to celebrate after his recent single, “Huncho Fishscale,” dropped with Quavo.

With a hot new single and his following and notoriety steadily increasing, we should definitely keep an eye out for what’s next from Bobby Fishscale.