Vivica Fox Offers Love Advice To Ne-Yo’s Wife

The ladies on “Cocktail With Queens” got candid on cheating claims in Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith’s marriage.

Vivica A. Fox x Crystal Smith

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On the latest episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktail With Queens” starring Claudia Jordan, Vivica fox, LisaRaye McCoy, and Syleena Johnson, the ladies got real on the topic of infidelity.

During a segment on the show, Vivica Fox dropped gems on Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith

The actress even suggested that she throw in the towel and just divorce the singer.

“You deserve better sweetheart, you tried, it’s not working, move on, go get counseling for yourself young lady so that you know that you deserve that treat you a like a queen, that’s what you deserve, stop staying for the fame or for the Instagram post, you deserve a man that loves you for you so that when you lay down in the bed next to him, you don’t feel that he’s going to bring you a disease or cheat on you and your children, you deserve better.”

Earlier this week, Crystal shared her frustrations in her marriage with the “Miss Independent” artist, even suggesting infidelity. 

The two recently renewed their vows four months prior to hinting at divorce.

Trouble In Plain Sight

Crystal’s claims came as a complete shock to many considering Ne-Yo’s recently dropped track “Don’t Love Me” in which he dedicated to his wife at his album release party just last month.

Ne-Yo performed the song and followed up with a heartfelt message,

“I wrote this song as a letter to her basically telling her at the time that I didn’t feel like I could be the man she deserved, I thank god she didn’t leave because we wouldn’t be together.”

Additional reporting by Kendall Parks.