Vibe To ZAM Official’s New Release, The Unapologetic Single “No Reason”

Emerging trio ZAM Official, with Rasti, Goldi & Mika, release the unapologetic and raw single “No Reason.” After “Selfish” dropped in 2021, “No Reason” is one more major release by the industry’s gamechangers. 

The group’s new single is about how a guy could do a million things to impress you, but you still won’t give him a chance. “It’s all about us with no distractions, and we are sticking to it!” add ZAM Official. Making things clear right away, everyone knows what to expect from this power trio ready to conquer the hearts of each listener one by one by putting in the hard work needed for such ambition. 

Rasti, Goldi, and Mika’s distinct yet equally infectious vocals explain the impressive success reached by the group last year, as they now prepare themselves for bigger impacts this year. Best described as a fusion between Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, ZAM Official’s vibe is truly special, and they have become specialists at combining soft melodicism with enthralling rhythms while always keeping a unique balance between each element. With over 60K views, “No Reason” is undeniably their biggest hit to date.