Usher Celebrates His 44th Birthday With Night Out In Las Vegas + His Top 5 Career Moments

Today, Usher celebrated his 44th birthday and brought in the night partying in Vegas alongside some notable celebrity friends. The singer, born in Dallas, has some unforgettable moments in his career.


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Usher, who spent most of his life in the industry, is still talked about to this day when it comes to R&B vocals. 

For his 44th Birthday this year, he decided to live it up in Las Vegas alongside some celebrity guests, including Chris Brown.

In honor of the R&B icon’s birthday, SOHH celebrates with the top 5 highlights of his career:

1. My Way Album (1997)

It wasn’t until his sophomore album when Usher’s name went mainstream. 

His record-breaking album, which just celebrated its 25th birthday, has hit songs still played in the club today. Songs like “Nice & Slow” featured on the album recently sparked a viral moment on the internet, with everyone asking, “what was Usher doing at 7 o’clock on the dot?”

2. Usher’s NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

If there is one thing about Usher, his vocal card never declines. He proved that his voice is eternal during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance and social media was quick to notice. 

3. Usher On Moesha 

90s Usher was considered the sexiest performer of the decade. 

Women fangirled over him, especially when he made his TV debut on the sitcom Moesha, starring as Brandy’s love interest. He starred in several other roles, including the 1998 horror film The Faculty and his 2005 movie In the Mix.

4. Confessions Album (2004)

Usher’s career skyrocketed after his fourth studio album, Confessions, which was released in 2004. 

Most of the album was produced by Jermaine Dupri, and Usher earned four Grammy Nominations during that year. 

His hit single from the album “Yeah!” featuring Atlanta artists Lil Jon and Ludacris sold more than 10 million copies. 

5. Usher Dances With Michael Jackson

Usher isn’t just all charm and sound; he also has some rhythm in his feet. Before Michael Jackson’s untimely death, Usher was also fortunate enough to share the stage with the King of Pop. 

Of course, the 2001 performance took place at one of the most well-known stages in the world, Madison Square Garden.