Tyrese Defends Himself In Child Support Battle, Says Ex Lied On Him

Tyrese recorded a live stream to provide an update on his child support battle with ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson. During the stream, he shared his side of the story.

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Tyrese Addresses Child Support Case

In a live stream on April 26th, singer/songwriter Tyrese Gibson discusses the legal battle between him and his now ex-wife, whom he secretly married, Samantha Lee Gibson.

In the live stream, the TGT singer mentions how he harbors no ill feelings towards his ex and that the goal was to always support her rather than leave her.

Tyrese Said Ex-Wife Lied In Court

The “Sweet Lady” singer was visibly upset on the video, saying that his ex-wife has allegedly lied multiple times during the trial.

According to Tyrese, his ex-wife stated that she was kicked out of their home and that he also changed the locks while he was away shooting a film.

Tyrese stated that he never kicked her out of their home. However, he did change the locks out of fear that she would return while he was out of town.

During the live stream, he mentioned that his ex-wife has two law firms working on the case for her and is earning over $150,000 a year. He stated Samantha is using the majority of her funds to pay for cosmetic surgeries. Additionally, he claimed that she had only paid her lawyers $7,500 in legal fees.

Celebrity Child Support Woes

Legal battles involving child support are unfortunately common. 

50 Cent had an ongoing dispute with the mother of his firstborn regarding child support. He claimed to have paid over $1 million in support over the years.

Boosie Badazz brags about how much he supports his children.  In an Instagram post, he stated he has never missed a child support payment for his daughter, Lyric Beyonce.