Tory Lanez Gets Last Laugh After Hair Trolling

Rap crooner Tory Lanez is getting the last laugh on his trolls. The hip-hop star has come forward to brush away the haters following weeklong jokes aimed at his head top.

Tory Lanez’s Hair Is Back In Place

TL went to his Instagram page with a super fresh haircut. Days after turning into a hard-hitting meme, Lanez head top looks precision sharp.

The head piece is in place again. Tory Lanez goes to his Instagram Story with footage of himself cruising around in his whip with a super fresh haircut. The clip comes days after cringe video and pics went viral showing his hair looking extra thin while playing basketball.

Tory Lanez’s hair is back in place.

The footage came hours after rap star 50 Cent went to his Instagram page with the most hilarious and disrespectful Lanez hair meme yet. The clip was a repost from online comedian Mr. Commodore giving his take on how Tory might have lost a chunk of his head top.

“?This fool crazy for this. LOL”

“?” -Joseph Sikora

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The Internet Can’t Stop Trolling Tory Lanez

Despite the footage now being a few days old, people have continued to light up social media with cringe shots and jokes about Lanez’s head. Some folks have suggested his recent publicized dramas and legal issues might have this impact on his head top.

“All that guilt and stress kicking @torylanez’ a** ?”

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The Internet can’t stop trolling Tory Lanez.
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Tory Lanez Shows Off New Haircut While Playing B-Ball

Tory Lanez is looking extra different these days. The hip-hop crooner initially had social media’s attention courtesy of viral footage. The clip showed him displaying a new hairstyle while hilariously grabbing a few sips of water during a game of pick up basketball.

The Latest Shhh Session

The rap star isn’t letting his low-key late night ‘Shhh’ sessions end anytime soon. The hip-hop star recently lit up social media with a sneak peek at the antics he’s up to late, late, late in the evenings. TL made a rare decision to share footage from his secret Instagram Live session to his main account. Clocking in at nearly 15 minutes, Lanez’s non-Quarantine Radio broadcast ended with him and friends being blown away by a vixen he named ‘Candle Wax Lisa.’

“NAH !!!!!!! CANDLE WAX LISA …… ITS OVER …. U WON …… 1000202002022”