6ix9ine Flees To Uganda For New Music Video + Gives Back To Local Children

Controversial rapper 6ix9ine recently shared that he visited Uganda, where he was filming a new music video for his new song, “Wapae.” In addition to his work, the rapper also took time to give back to the local community, donating money to children in need.

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After news broke about Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine getting jumped at a Florida LA Fitness gym, it appears the rapper quickly moved on and visited Uganda to film a new music video and gave back to the children of the Ugandan community.

On April 12, the rapper took to his Instagram and posted a clip of him giving money to the Ugandan kids while his new song, “Wapae” played in the background. It appears that the rapper also wanted to do something nice for the children in need.

In fact, sources say 6ix9ine wanted to travel to Uganda after seeing a clip of the children of the Ugandan dance group, Ghetto Kids, dancing to his song, “Wapae.”

The video also featured the children pretending to play jump rope with one of the young boys, by swinging him like a real jump rope while another jumped in. 

Meanwhile, the brutal gym incident is not the only controversy that the rapper has found himself in recently. He was reportedly sued by Fashion Nova over a 2018 payment agreement, and rumors have circulated that he gave away his ex-girlfriend’s Hermés Birkins to her former friends.

Despite his controversial image, 6ix9ine has gained a large following and has become a popular figure in the rap community. His recent trip to Uganda shows that he is interested in connecting with fans from all over the world and that he is committed to his craft.

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Another rapper who was in the giving spirit was Chicago rapper Vic Mensa.

As the “U Mad” artist geared up for the Star Line Festival with Chance The Rapper, Mensa said he was moved to help after seeing the “desolate living conditions” and “contaminated water.”