Tory Lanez Announces Crushing Loner Rap Capsule Setback

Rap crooner Tory Lanez isn’t blessing fans with new music for the weekend. Instead, the hip-hop entertainer has announced a slight setback to his highly-anticipated Loner rap capsule release.

Tory Lanez Delays Loner Capsule

Lanez went to his Instagram page to break the crushing news to fans. However, he did give himself a new deadline to have the project drop and also provided some positive insight for why the drop date has extended.

“Umbrellas, I got some bad news but I got some good news too. The bad news is I’m not dropping the Loner capsule tonight. The rap capsule is not dropping tonight. The good news is no matter what, I will not make y’all wait another week for that sh*t. I’ve made y’all wait long enough. It’s going to drop in a couple of days, on Tuesday. Now the bad news is I’m not able to drop when all the albums are dropping and everyone’s dropping an album but the good news is these are capsules and they’re going to come more frequent than capsules because they’re not albums. So I can drop them whenever I want because you’re always going to be able to choose. Now, the only reason we’re having to wait a couple of extra days is because that day that I told y’all to put 50,000 comments under this post and I’m going to add 2 new songs to this capsule, y’all really did that sh*t. And I really had to add 2 new songs to the capsules. I had to push my sh*t back a little bit. Umbrellas, we rule the world. We do whatever the f*ck we want.”

Tory Lanez delays Loner.

Tory Lanez Snaps On Loner Rap Capsule

A few days ago, TL lit up his Instagram page with a full-fledged message about his upcoming Loner rap music capsule release. Lanez admitted his personal struggles fueled his decision to completely snap on the project. TL also promised to drop the release on December 18.

“YOOOOOOOO UMBRELLAS IM SO EXCITED ABOUT YALL HEARING THE RAP CAPSULE (LONER) ?? … it really comes from a place of just feeling like the odds were against me but at the same time… Feeling like the umbrellas were with me to hold me down and get me back to myself … our REACHAS THE UMBRELLA ☂️☔️ IS GROWING FAST AND WE ARE GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER . sometimes i feel like it’s just me and the UMBRELLAS ☔️ VS the WORLD . ??? Anybody who knows me , knows I’ma LEO so I thrive off of competitive progression …. so when my back felt at the wall I just started SNAPPING IN THE BOOTH .?? .. I look at YOU (THE UMBRELLAS) ☂️ as my team and the only people that I need to score 81 points for in the game of music !!! BRINGING SUPER VIBES ??????????? #LONER#CAPSULE …..DECEMBER 18th !!!!”

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Tory Lanez snaps on Loner.

A few days ago, Lanez shared the artwork behind his upcoming project.


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Tory Lanez Announces Loner Rap Capsule

While he didn’t initially give out an exact drop date, Tory did recently deliver a huge teaser. TL encouraged Instagram followers to leave 30,000 comments in an announcement post and – in exchange – he would add more music to every upcoming music capsule he’s preparing to release.

“RAP CAPSULE COMES FIRST ?? IM CALLING IT …… “ LONER “ ??☂️ put 30,000 COMMENTS AND IMA ADD 2 extra songs to ALL the CAPSULES ?????????” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez’s 1 Billion Streams

A few days ago, TL went to his social media pages to geek out over his own success. Lanez shared a massive stat showing his Spotify presence looks stronger than ever despite having a public falling out with ex-pal Megan Thee Stallion last summer.

“☂️ self explanatory ……….. “we did it joe “ … LOOK UP UMBRELLAS ….. LOOK WHAT WE DID” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Lanez also vowed to do even bigger numbers in 2021. Tory made sure to celebrate his independency as a musician.