Tekashi69 Admits He’s Using Fake Beef With Lil Durk To Avoid Legal Heat And Rebuild Career

The lawyers for Tekashi69’s two alleged robbery victims claim the rapper’s new song was aimed at antagonizing them. 6ix9ine and his lawyers refuted this accusation, saying “GINE” was fabricated to “rehabilitate” his career by creating beef with Lil Durk.


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Lil Durk Diss Or Nah?

The lawyers for Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier, who sued 6ix9ine over his involvement in a robbery carried out against them by members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in 2018, continued their path to seek the $1 million restitution payment held against the rapper. 

The case is trending again, with the victims’ lawyers citing they are under “emotional distress” because of Tekashi’s “antagonizing” of them in his new song, “GINE.” However, 6ix9ine’s legal team countered that the newly released track is aimed at rapper Lil Durk, and not at the two victims.

After releasing a video flaunting his wealth and stacks of cash video, 6ix9ine released his new music video for “GINE.” A lawyer for Wonzer and Dozier interpreted it as a song that openly mocked his clients, according to documents that were filed April 21 that included as evidence the printout of a lyrics website. 

“Specifically, Defendant recently released a song, entitled ‘Gine,’ which disparages Plaintiffs, brags about the crimes that he committed against them, tells Plaintiffs to ‘suck D!ck’ and ‘Eat My Sack,’ and repeatedly refers to them as the n-word,” Matthew DeOreo wrote on behalf of his clients. 

The lawyer argued that the antagonization opened 6ix9ine to additional punitive damages on top of the over $3 million in restitution originally sought. 

6ix9ine’s lawyer Robert Meloni claimed that “Gine” was a diss track, and provided the judge with the history of the diss track and admitted that while 6ix9ine didn’t specifically name who the diss track was aimed at, it is widely reported and accepted that the song is intended for Lil Durk. 

“Mr. Hernandez is attempting to dig his life out of the hole he has admittedly put himself into,” Meloni added. “In order to succeed in the rap music industry, artists have to present a persona that is decadent and offensive. Any attempts by Defendants and their Counsel to use this Court to dictate how Defendant pursues rehabilitating his career through the music that is the lifeblood of his profession not only infringes Defendant’s First Amendment rights but quite possibly violated New York’s Anti-SLAPP law.”

Tekashi69’s Financial Flip-Flop

Tekashi69’s clown-foolery has been on full display. He can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether to play broke or rich. He just told a judge he is broke to avoid paying in a lawsuit.  But days later flashed over a million in cash for the gram. Now he claims the cash was fake.

Days ago, the colorful rapper got on the gram to floss his luxury cars and count over $1.5 million in cash.  Days prior to that, the rap troll told a judge his net worth was “less than zero.”

69 showed up for an interview on TMZ Live on Monday with another financial flip-flop. When host Harvey Levin brought up the $1 million in restitution he owed and his bankruptcy claim, 6ix9ine replied, “I ain’t got it right now,” he then restated it again saying “I ain’t got it and admitted the $1.5 million he counted out live on the Gram was was “prop money.”