Tahiry Shares All-Natural Dimples + Cellulite Booty Pic To Promote OnlyFans

Reality TV star Tahiry is all about her natural beauty. The hip-hop star lit up her social media pages with a shot of herself flexing a sneak peek at her unfiltered booty in an effort to promote her OnlyFans account.

Tahiry’s All-Natural Booty

The popular Latina hopped onto her Instagram page with a must-see shot of herself. The pic features her rocking a black jacket – or robe – while giving a glimpse at her renowned backside.

“Néw shoot Loading…. No airbrush / Filter mami Thank you @skinprologica … my dimples are a lot smoother ?. Let’s kick #cellulite ‘s butt!!! #velashape3 #noperfectbutreal HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED TO MY #ONLYFANS YET?? Click the link in my bio #ALLTHINGSTAHIRY” -Tahiry’s Instagram

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Chris Brown Joins OnlyFans

This week, R&B singer Chris Brown took to his Twitter page to break massive OnlyFans news. Brown didn’t provide much detail but shared a link to his newly launched account.

“https://onlyfans.com/chrisbrownofficial” -Chris Brown’s Twitter

Chris Brown joins OnlyFans.
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Amber Rose Sparks Backlash

West Coast model Amber Rose recently went to Instagram with some looks at her curve game in lingerie with a plug to her OnlyFans account. However, a handful of followers took the opportunity to tell Amber to reconsider putting her body’s most intimate parts on display for public consumption.

“When you finally lose the baby weight just so you can be a Hoe again ??? Link in bio” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

“???” -Jade

Despite a co-sign from New York vixen Jade, ample people questioned the motivation for posting explicit-looking content for profit.

“Go be a mother ?”

“Feel bad for her son lol ?”

“Here’s an idea: how about just be a good mother?”

“That’s cute and all but she didn’t lose the baby weight she went to a plastic surgeon. I’m not knocking her for it but everyone should know that these bodies are made and not homegrown”

“But her dude okay with this smh. Well she is from south philly ?‍♂️”

“You need more money??”

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Amber Rose sparks OnlyFans backlash.

Amber Rose’s OnlyFans Movement

The same week, Muva Rose went to her Instagram page and didn’t leave much to the imagination. She shared some footage and clips of herself promoting her overnight OnlyFans presence.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time ? Link in bio” -Amber Rose’s Instagram