Soulja Boy Explodes On Juelz Santana + Tory Lanez

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy isn’t here for the capping. The hip-hop star has come forward to acknowledge possible shade coming his way courtesy of rap artists Tory Lanez and Juelz Santana.

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Soulja Boy Explodes On Juelz/Tory

SB hit up his Twitter page to react to buzz about Juelz and Tory having issues with him. It’s worth noting Juelz and Tory simply left emoji reactions to Soulja Boy’s now-infamous Bathing APE remark on an Instagram post. Instead of ignoring the drama, Soulja completely embraced it.

“N*ggaz will smack the hairline off Tory Lanez dude a whole goofy. Shooting b*tches and sh*t cap A** n*gga … Juelz Santana teeth fell out his mouth n*gga better pipe down … On God I did a song wit that lol n*gga ain’t nobody who tf who he was n*gga better chill f*ck wrong wit dude n*gga must think I’m Travis Scott”

Despite all the craziness, Soulja Boy did receive some support from Memphis rapper NLE Choppa.

“Wanna take the time out my day to say I appreciate @souljaboy giving yo flowers while you here not when you gone. LEGEND ? … Dm me on here Ian got yo number”

Soulja Boy explodes on Tory/Juelz.

Soulja Boy Credits Himself For Fashion Influence

Soulja took to Twitter to make sure followers know he’s the reason people are wearing BAPE. The Japanese streetwear brand has made waves in all facets of culture, but Soulja Boy wants his credit for bringing it to hip-hop.

“I made these nigg*z wanna wear BAPE”

Soulja Boy Drops Big Facts

The Atlanta native wants all the flowers. The hip-hop star has come forward to make a flurry of claims and statements proving he might be one of the biggest groundbreaking rap artists the music biz has ever seen.

Big Drako went to his Twitter page once again and didn’t hold back. SB suggested in addition to being the first rapper on YouTube 15 years go, he also has enjoyed modern day success without the support of a label.

“I was the 1st rapper on YouTube. Ever. In life. In history. … I was the 1st rapper on twitch. … I made the whole new rap game and music industry what it is today … have over 5 major record deals on the table as we speak because of she make it clap. Im 100% independent and not signed to anyone. … 2006. I started it. Legend.”

Soulja Boy’s first-ever YouTube video dates back to March 15, 2006.

Ready To Fight Randy Orton

Recently, Soulja Boy sparked some serious drama with WWE star Randy Orton. RO was quick to respond to SB’s public disses with some insults of his own by taunting Soulja for his height and calling him an infant that needed to go to bed. The latest slew of tweets between the two celebrities was only a continuation of their earlier clash on social media, when SB described the wrestling sport as “fake.”

“WWE scared of me. And Randy organ p*ssy. They big cap Billed cap use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they was too fake to have me there I’ll slap the shit out dude live.”

“You a b*tch @RandyOrton and I mean that ? p*ssy.”