Saweetie’s New “Boss Chick” Song Sparks Controversy Among Fans; Are We The Joke Now?

Saweetie’s song “Boss Chick” sparked controversy on TikTok. Fans have pointed out she sounded like a White woman doing “Blaccent.” This proposed the question: “Have We Become Our Own Minstrel Show?”

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Rapper and songwriter Saweetie faced criticism for her song “Boss Chick,” a song from her Single Life EP. The lyrics — “If that b*!ch hella basic then, that b*!ch gotta go,” — have sparked controversy. 

A TikTok creator posted a video playing the song in the background while making facial expressions. The TikTok creator’s response has prompted online criticism of Saweetie’s accent.

This debate raises the question director Spike Lee has posed in his film, Bamboozled — “Have we become our own minstrel show?” 

Bamboozled is a movie about a Black television writer who is frustrated with the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry, and creates a show called “Mantan: The New Millennium Show” and ends up getting fired from his job. However, the show becomes a hit, and the writer must confront the consequences of the stereotypes he has perpetuated.

The film also featured two Black characters who wore Black face, which could be equivalent to the recent uproar where Chloe Bailey faced criticism in September 2022. The “Treat Me” singer hopped on a remix of the trending TikTok sound “Period Ahh, Period Uhh” with TikTok creator Britt Barbie, which some fans saw as promoting “Blackfishing” or the act of appropriating Black culture.  

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