Saweetie Finally Responds To Quavo Elevator Fight Footage

West Coast rapper Saweetie has been making a lot of headlines recently, and not for the best reasons. Her breakup with Migos member Quavo already had the hip-hop community buzzing, but the leaked video of the ex-couple fighting in an elevator took the story in an disturbing direction.

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Saweetie Clears The Air On Leaked Video

The video of Saweetie and Quavo fighting in an elevator was from last year. The pair broke up just a couple weeks ago, and the “My Type” hitmaker says it was not a result of the fight.

In a statement, she said: “This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on. I kindly ask that everyone respect my privacy during this time.” (Inside Nova)

LAPD Gets Involved in Saweetie/Quavo Drama

The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly focused on the biggest headline of the week. New reports claim the LAPD has ignited an investigation into the publicized Saweetie and Quavo elevator altercation.

Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD detectives have seen the video, obtained by TMZ, showing the now ex-couple fighting over a video game console box, and cops want to meet with both parties, separately, to discuss what went down. Our sources say the situation could be considered an instance of domestic violence, where both parties are in the wrong. Cops want to determine what happened before and after the elevator surveillance footage was captured. (TMZ)

Offset Likes Post Defending Quavo

This week, Migos’ Offset liked an Instagram video from fellow ATL native and rapper Trouble defending Quavo amidst his breakup with the West Coast rapper. The clip discussed the viral video of the now-estranged pair fighting in an elevator, with Trouble saying Quavo didn’t abuse her or do anything wrong, but rather they had a tug of war.

“@quavohuncho innocent! Ain gon say it noooo mo!… Afta she swung on em dawg even used da same call of duty case to hold da door open for da lady to get up an walk out. Yall Brazy af man”

Migos Rumored To Have Fought Justin LaBoy

Rumors have emerged suggesting Huncho and his Migos group members recently beat up hip-hop media personality Justin LaBoy. It was LaBoy’s interview with Saweetie that was originally thought to be the match that sparked her split from Quavo.

Days before Saweetie announced her breakup with longtime boyfriend Quavo, she did an interview on Justin LaBoy’s “Respectfully Justin” show in which she talked about broken hearts and broken trust. As the latest rumor goes, the Migos ran into LaBoy in Atlanta and put hands on him for that interview. While the story is unconfirmed, of course the Internet ran wild with it.

The Migos just can’t stay out of the news/rumor mill today, huh? Quavo and Co. reportedly jumped Justin LaBoy, whose interview with Saweetie was originally viewed as the beginning of the breakup.