Saweetie Claps Back At Haters Dragging Her Right Now

West Coast rapper Saweetie won’t let fake news get the best of her. The rap star challenged rumors suggesting her Tesla Model S giveaway was a cover to get more streams of her songs.



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Saweetie Calls Out Haters

Through Twitter, the “My Type” hitmaker was quick to address speculation her Tesla Model S giveaway was fake. Saweetie claimed the rumors were bogus news and clarified why a winner hadn’t yet been announced for the giveaway.

“The fake news concerns me these days… *update* 1st winner was underage and the replacement is unresponsive so we have to go through the process again… a true supporter knows my character and knows I don’t play about my business. You were never a fan, baby girl. Let’s talk about that.”

Saweetie Buys A Gift From Her Fan

In early June 2021, Saweetie was making waves online for a different reason. Diamonté appreciated a fan’s gift to the point that she decided to buy it from them. The rap star was caught on video making the exchange with her fan after he offered custom-made gear.

She Reveals Her Top Chef Skills

In mid-May 2021, Saweetie demonstrated her skills outside music. The California rapper presented several of her own unique recipes during “The Ringer Music Show” podcast.

All the dishes seemed to feature items that you can easily find in a gas station or vending machine, some highlights include Oysters à la Top Ramen, Hidden Valley Pasta, and Ramen With Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Croutons.

“I definitely like my oysters hot. I just like my oysters spicy,” Saweetie says. “If not, I’ll settle for a heavily saturated lemon juice oyster, but it definitely has to have some flavor on it.” (The Ringer)

“I grew up eating my spaghetti like that,” Saweetie says. “Ever since I could remember, my family eats our spaghetti like that. So for me it wasn’t like a new invention. I just thought everybody did it. Apparently not.”

“Getting chicken Top Ramen and putting in the Hot Cheetos as is, it’s kind of lazy,” Saweetie admits. So her trick to sprucing up this dish is chopping up the Hot Cheetos into croutons and using them throughout the dish as mini flavor bombs. “I’ll probably mush it up to make them into little crumbs and then I’ll put it in the Top Ramen.”

Saweetie Compares Her Beauty To JT + Lori Harvey

In late April 2021, Saweetie went to Instagram with her pretty-fine summer style. The rap star posted photos wearing a multicolored dress with a slit on one side. She complimented the look with long blonde hair, gold hoop earrings, and a necklace. In her post, she indirectly complimented fellow female influencers JT and Lori Harvey.

“Pretty like JT fine like Lori.”

In the comment section, Lori made an appearance acknowledging Saweetie’s comparison with her full support.

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