Royce 5’9 Shows How Much J Dilla Respected His Craft W/ Throwback Clip

Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9″ is one of the most respected — but many would say underrated — lyricists in the game. On social media, the Grammy nominee shared a video showing late beatmaker J Dilla giving Royce props for his skills on the mic.

J Dilla Broke The Mold For Royce 5’9

Royce da 5’9″ posted a throwback clip of an interview with J Dilla, the beloved hip-hop producer who passed away in 2006. Dilla was explaining how he crafted a beat specifically for Royce, something he usually didn’t do for any artist.

“Dem Glossy Beats #Dilla”

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Royce 5’9 + J Dilla’s Lyricist Lounge Collab

The song J Dilla is referring to in the clip is most likely “Let’s Grow,” from the Lyricist Lounge 2 compilation album released in 2000. It’s the only solo Royce song with J Dilla production that was released publicly.

“Let’s Grow” by Royce da 5’9″ (produced by J Dilla)

Royce Takes Shots At Source Founder Dave Mays

Royce wants smoke with the entire team at The Source. After recently feuding with former co-owner Benzino, he’s now directed his aim at the hip-hop publication’s founder Dave Mays.

“Enough of Dave Mays. F*ck out of here, muthafuc*a. F*ck he talking to, I’ll put death on your doorstep. I’m not divided, I’m not one with Dave Mays. Let’s get this sh*t straight. Ya’ll n*ggas in here acting like this n*gga at the cookout.”

Benzino Threatens Joyner Lucas On Twitter

Boston rapper Benzino wants all the smoke with Eminem and crew. After Slim’s rap friend Joyner Lucas took to Instagram to clown Zino on a post Royce Da 5’9 made about him, he’s responded with some threats.

“@joynerlucas to I will f**k u up u keep speaking my name. You got on warning P*ssy … @joynerlucas you ain’t never step foot in Roxbury u b*tch a** n*gga. U from Worcester mass you punk mf, u never was bout that life. Don’t let them p*ssies get u hurt. Yea I went in your dms because your musics trash like @royceda59 U got me f*cked up I’ll have u touched f*ckboi, … @joynerlucas I’ll make Boston a no fly zone for u p*ssy keep playing wit me. U think sh*ts sweet? I’ll f*ck u up”