Rising East Coast Rapper M-Hunt Releases Emotional Single “Blame Game” Ahead of Upcoming Album

Hailing from a small suburb in New Jersey, M-Hunt, also known as Matthew Stotz, is breaking barriers and making waves in the rap scene as one of the hottest upcoming artists on the East Coast. With his unique style and raw storytelling ability, M-Hunt has captivated audiences, sharing his truth and experiences through his music.

In a recent interview, M-Hunt expressed his dedication to authenticity, stating, “I’ve always spoken about everything in my music; it’s all the truth, at least about 90% of it. Some exaggerations just add to the creativity, but I’ve always been transparent as an artist, especially in recent years. It all comes from a personal place. We all have our own struggles, and I express mine through my music.”

Taking a departure from his usual rap sound, M-Hunt showcases his versatility and emotional depth in his newest single, “Blame Game.” The track, with its experimental R&B vibe, delves into the bittersweet narrative of a fading romance. M-Hunt skillfully captures the essence of lost love, infusing heartfelt lyrics with soulful melodies, delivering a captivating performance that resonates with listeners.

Blame Game” serves as the second single from M-Hunt‘s highly anticipated album, “Sorry, I’m Like This,” set to release worldwide on August 4th. The album comprises nine tracks, each a personal testament to M-Hunt’s unique perspective and artistry.

Collaborations with industry heavyweights further solidify M-Hunt‘s rising status. The album features guest appearances from Bay Area legend Nef The Pharaoh and long-time Young M.A collaborator, WAP5TAR. These collaborations bring an additional layer of depth and excitement to “Sorry, I’m Like This,” enhancing the overall musical experience for fans and new listeners alike.

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for M-Hunt’s upcoming album. Music enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly await the opportunity to dive into the artist’s introspective world, where personal struggles and triumphs are explored with an unwavering honesty.

Sorry, I’m Like This” promises to be a significant milestone in M-Hunt’s career, cementing his status as an artist unafraid to break boundaries, push creative limits, and share his authentic self with the world. Mark your calendars for August 4th, when M-Hunt’s musical journey unfolds on all major platforms, allowing audiences everywhere to experience the raw talent and genuine artistry of this rising star.

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