Remy Ma Calls Rappers Who Don’t Push Their Own Pen “Karaoke Personalities”

Bronx-born rapper Remy Ma recently appeared on a popular podcast and was asked what it means to be a true lyricist.

Remy Ma

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Rapper and reality tv personality Remy Ma was a guest on the female-led and empowering “See The Thing Is … ” podcast, and the ladies discussed what it means to be a true lyricist in hip-hop. When the Bronx MC was asked this question her response was, 

“Contrary to popular belief, again, you have to write it. You, you are the person that has to write it,” They’re a great karaoke personality; they’re great at karaoke. Wordplay is very important. Most of the people that are considered the greats, they’re really smart.”

The “All The Way Up” rapper has been very adamant about her position on ghostwriting and lyrical authenticity. 

Her latest comments restarted the ongoing debate on the importance of ghostwriting when evaluating lyricists. On social media, many weighed in on the issue.

On Twitter, one user identified as @Katieradactyl agreed with Remy’s position but did admit that it would definitely upset some. She tweeted, 

“Remy Ma calling rappers that don’t write their own lyrics Karaoke personalities gone ruffle some feathers but she’s not wrong??‍♀️.” 

Another user on Twitter identified as @crytoqueen222 felt that Remy Ma’s comments were shade for a fellow NYC female MC, Cardi B, who has notoriously been criticized for not writing her lyrics. 

She tweeted:

“You call this unity ???why can’t cardi give them a platform now she’s more famous than all of them…like they can do a song together . But she won’t do that cause it’s not good for the music biz. No wonder remy shaded her calling her karaoke rapper lol”

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Remy Ma has been busy and focused on motherhood, television shows, and a hip-hop career, but when she is not critiquing Lyricists who use ghostwriters, she leads a female-only battle rap league. Making hip hop more female-empowering than misogynistic.