Ray J Scores Deal With Cup Noodles After BET Awards Moment

Who would’ve known that being hungry at an award show could land a person a sponsorship? Ray J’s random antics are finally paying off.

Ray J

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It seems that R&B singer Ray J has officially secured a deal with Cup Noodles after his ramen noodle escapade at the 2022 BET Awards. 

Cup Noodles was apparently enthused by Ray J’s antics at the culture’s biggest award show and is now sponsoring the singer. Ray J proudly showed off his excitement by posting a video to Instagram.

In the video, he shows himself proudly eating a cup of ramen noodles. This time, however, he’s chowing down with a plastic spoon. 

His post is captioned:

 “Super excited about the future! @originalcupnoodles 🙏🏽🙏🏽 – P.S. I didnt have a fork! — #cupofnoodles”

Fans expressed their support and happiness for the singer securing a deal in his comments. 

The official Cup Noodles page commented on Ray J’s utensil of choice under the video: 


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Ray J Spotted Sneaking Ramen While Lizzo Rocks Her Red Solo Cup

It all started at the BET Awards where Ray J was spotted by a fan amongst the audience scarfing down a cup of ramen noodles with a pair of chopsticks. 

His head was bent down, trying to hide that he was eating from the audience members, and he hid further down in his seat to keep his ramen cup out of sight.