Playboi Carti Posts Up W/ Kid Cudi + Reveals WHOLE LOTTA RED Feature

Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti is giving fans even more of a reason to rejoice. The Georgie native went online this week to reveal an unexpected Kid Cudi collaboration is now slated for his upcoming Whole Lotta Red album.

Playboi Carti Reveals Kid Cudi Collabo

Playboi took to his Instagram with a selfie alongside Cudi. PC went even further by revealing the duo will have at least one Whole Lotta Red song together.

“i fL3w 2 bro ! toLD hiM hiS mUSic iS WORLd nEEdED . V3ry good GUY bEAUtiFUL sPirit . HE wILL bE oN THis ALBuM . L0v3 hiM . W3 ALL do .” -Playboi Carti’s Instagram

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Playboi Carti reveals Kid Cudi collaboration on deck.
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Playboi Carti’s Christmas Gift

The release date for Whole Lotta Red is finally here. New reports have come out revealing the hip-hop superstar’s long-awaited album will drop in less than two weeks. WLR will reportedly drop on Christmas. It apparently even includes production from Kanye West himself as well as luxury brand Givenchy’s Matthew Williams.

“I literally sold my soul to get this info for Carti fans but I’m hearing Carti album isn’t dropping tonight but will drop on Christmas… and hearing Kanye the exec producer of it along with Matthew Williams from Givenchy. That’s the gift he got for y’all .. this exclusive info” -DJ Akademiks’ Instagram

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Playboi Carti’s Christmas gift.
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Carti Is ‘This’ Close To Dropping WLR

The hip-hop superstar took to social media to reveal his long-awaited – several years, we’re talking – project will soon arrive. Carti went to his Instagram with a slideshow of pictures, but fans only focused on the caption. He said he had a new toy at his crib but more importantly that he would be dropping an album ASAP.

“i kAnT bELieVE mY ALBUm iS AbOUT 2 dRoP . wTF 💋 ps . i goT A tANK @ THe cAsTLE n0w thx. YE” -Playboi Carti’s Instagram

PC Says He Has A Gift For Fans

The hip-hop enigma also recently said he would be dropping music. He went to his social media pages to let fans know he had something very special coming, as a gift. Carti went to Twitter with a message in his signature-styled, partially capitalized and number-filled typing method. He put it plain and simple, though, that he would be giving everybody something and also let it be known he has the most loyal fans. The hip-hop star didn’t specify what the gift was, although many are hoping it’s his long-awaited project.

“i hAv3 a gift 4 u :0 … i hAv3 da m0st loyAL fanS. EVr .”