NLE Choppa Fans React To His Recent Thirst Trap Photo

NLE Choppa fans reacted to the rapper’s recent thirst trap photo on Twitter. The Memphis artist sparked buzz after letting it be known that he was packing downstairs, not just with guns.

NLE Choppa

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The photo in question is a mirror pic of NLE Choppa, who is seen in all-black underwear,  shirt, and durag. He captioned the photo “a whole symbol.”

It wasn’t just women who were surprised by his big package either. NLE Choppa posted a screenshot of text messages one of his male friends sent him after the photo was posted.

Since then, the post has gone viral on Twitter and came after NLE made comments about his sexuality on Twitter. He announced that he is only interested in women, but respects anyone with different preferences.

The reaction continued to roll in, and fans say they are starting to understand why Choppa’s ex-girlfriend had such a hard time getting over him. Some people who weren’t even fans before say they are fans now. 

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