New Kanye West Documentary & Podcast In The Works With BBC

A new Kanye West documentary and podcast are currently in the works with the British network, BBC. The upcoming documentary will focus on Ye’s life and controversies.

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Kanye West will have a new documentary and podcast on the British television network BBC

The idea was presented by the award-winning British journalist Mobeen Azhar. He is also known for making the documentary The Battle For Britney, which highlighted the mental health crisis of pop star Britney Spears.

The concept was approved by BBC‘s Head of Popular Music, Jonathan Rothery.

The documentary and podcast come after Ye’s many business troubles, including fashion companies Balenciaga and Adidas cutting ties with him. The eight-part documentary will be called We Need To Talk About Kanye, and the podcast will be called The Kanye Story. Both will highlight the life and career journey of Kanye. 

A possible topic the documentary could touch on is his battle with mental health. However, the Yeezy mogul is not involved, and a release date has not been confirmed for the documentary or podcast. 

In addition, the documentary will also include current events surrounding Ye, such as the criticism for being labeled as anti-semitic after posting a Twitter rant in October 2022.

Kanye also announced he was running for president in 2024, as he did in 2020

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